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Pierre Raybaut
Hi all,

One more e-mail on Python(x,y), the Python/Eclipse distribution for
if you are interested in this project, you can subscribe to the
Python(x,y) users mailing list (

By the way, thank you all for your comments and suggestions regarding
Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:
    - linux version: it is really too soon to tell when it will be ready ;
    - MacOS version: at the moment, no action is taken to implement it
(except if we find someone who would want to contribute to Python(x,y)
and do it...) ;
    - mailing list? done!
    - consider preparing a new release for Numpy 1.0.5: it won't be a
problem, because updating Python(x,y) is a matter of a few minutes (it
will certainly take us more time to upload it than to update it) ;
    - Mayavi 2: it could be included in next version of Python(x,y).

Best regards,

P. Raybaut

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