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[SciPy-User] ANN: PyWavelets 0.5.1 Release

Gregory Lee
Dear all,

On behalf of the PyWavelets development team I am pleased to announce the
release of PyWavelets 0.5.1.

This is a bug-fix only release with no new features as compared to 0.5.0.

PyWavelets is a Python toolbox implementing both discrete and continuous
wavelet transforms (mathematical time-frequency transforms) with a wide
range of built-in wavelets.  C/Cython are used for the low-level routines,
enabling high performance.  Key Features of PyWavelets are:

  * 1D, 2D and nD Forward and Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT and
  * 1D, 2D and nD Multilevel DWT and IDWT
  * 1D and 2D Forward and Inverse Stationary Wavelet Transform
  * 1D and 2D Wavelet Packet decomposition and reconstruction
  * 1D Continuous Wavelet Transform
  * When multiple valid implementations are available, we have chosen to
maintain consistency with MATLAB's Wavelet Toolbox.

Bugs Fixed

In release 0.5.0 the wrong edge mode was used for the following three
deprecated mode names: ``ppd``, ``sp1``, and ``per``.  All deprecated edge mode
names are now correctly converted to the corresponding new names.

One-dimensional discrete wavelet transforms did not properly respect the
``axis`` argument for complex-valued data.  Prior to this release, the last
axis was always transformed for arrays with complex dtype.  This fix affects
``dwt``, ``idwt``, ``wavedec``, ``waverec``.

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