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[SciPy-User] ANN: Scientific Software Days Conference, April 2017

Damon McDougall
I thought folks here might find interest in this, but let me know
if it's inappropriate to post this here:

Registration is open for the 8th Annual Scientific Software Days
conference.  Register here: http://scisoftdays.org/

The 8th Annual Scientific Software Days Conference (SSD) targets users
and developers of scientific software.  The conference will be held at
the University of Texas at Austin Thursday Apr 27 - Friday Apr 28,
2017 and focuses on two themes:
a) sharing best practices across scientific software communities;
b) sharing the latest tools and technology relevant to scientific

So far the following speakers have confirmed:

Beatrice Riviere (keynote, Rice)
Mark Hoemmen (keynote, Sandia National Laboratories)
Sherry Li (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University)
Dan Negrut (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Chris Simmons (UT Austin)
Jim Bowring (College of Charleston)

Questions can be directed to [hidden email].

Limited travel funding is available for participants from
groups, students and early career researchers.

Register online here: http://scisoftdays.org/
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