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[SciPy-User] ANN: pandas v0.18.0 Final released

Jeff Reback-2

This is a major release from 0.17.1 and includes a small number of API changes, 
several new features, enhancements, and performance improvements along with a 
large number of bug fixes. We recommend that all users upgrade to this version.

This was a release of 3.5 months with 381 commits by 100 authors encompassing 465 issues and 290 pull-requests.

What is it:

pandas is a Python package providing fast, flexible, and expressive data
structures designed to make working with “relational” or “labeled” data both
easy and intuitive. It aims to be the fundamental high-level building block for
doing practical, real world data analysis in Python. Additionally, it has the
broader goal of becoming the most powerful and flexible open source data
analysis / manipulation tool available in any language.


  • pandas >= 0.18.0 will no longer support compatibility with Python version 2.6 GH7718 or version 3.3 GH11273
  • Moving and expanding window functions are now methods on Series and DataFrame similar to .groupby like objects, see here.
  • Adding support for a RangeIndex as a specialized form of the Int64Index for memory savings, see here.
  • API breaking .resample changes to make it more .groupby like, see here
  • Removal of support for positional indexing with floats, which was deprecated since 0.14.0. This will now raise a TypeError, see here
  • The .to_xarray() function has been added for compatibility with the xarray package see here.
  • The read_sas() function has been enhanced to read sas7bdat files, see here
  • Addition of the .str.extractall() method, and API changes to the the .str.extract() method, and the .str.cat() method
  • pd.test() top-level nose test runner is available GH4327

See the Whatsnew for much more information and the full Documentation link.

How to get it:

Source tarballs, windows wheels, and macosx wheels are available on PyPI

Installation via conda is:

  • conda install pandas
windows wheels are courtesy of Christoph Gohlke and are built on Numpy 1.10
macosx wheels are courtesy of Matthew Brett.


Please report any issues on our issue tracker:


Thanks to all of the contributors

  • ARF
  • Alex Alekseyev
  • Andrew McPherson
  • Andrew Rosenfeld
  • Anthonios Partheniou
  • Anton I. Sipos
  • Ben
  • Ben North
  • Bran Yang
  • Chris
  • Chris Carroux
  • Christopher C. Aycock
  • Christopher Scanlin
  • Cody
  • Da Wang
  • Daniel Grady
  • Dorozhko Anton
  • Dr-Irv
  • Erik M. Bray
  • Evan Wright
  • Francis T. O'Donovan
  • Frank Cleary
  • Gianluca Rossi
  • Graham Jeffries
  • Guillaume Horel
  • Henry Hammond
  • Isaac Schwabacher
  • Jean-Mathieu Deschenes
  • Jeff Reback
  • Joe Jevnik
  • John Freeman
  • John Fremlin
  • Jonas Hoersch
  • Joris Van den Bossche
  • Joris Vankerschaver
  • Justin Lecher
  • Justin Lin
  • Ka Wo Chen
  • Keming Zhang
  • Kerby Shedden
  • Kyle
  • Marco Farrugia
  • MasonGallo
  • MattRijk
  • Matthew Lurie
  • Maximilian Roos
  • Mayank Asthana
  • Mortada Mehyar
  • Moussa Taifi
  • Navreet Gill
  • Nicolas Bonnotte
  • Paul Reiners
  • Philip Gura
  • Pietro Battiston
  • RahulHP
  • Randy Carnevale
  • Rinoc Johnson
  • Rishipuri
  • Sangmin Park
  • Scott E Lasley
  • Sereger13
  • Shannon Wang
  • Skipper Seabold
  • Thierry Moisan
  • Thomas A Caswell
  • Toby Dylan Hocking
  • Tom Augspurger
  • Travis
  • Trent Hauck
  • Tux1
  • Varun
  • Wes McKinney
  • Will Thompson
  • Yoav Ram
  • Yoong Kang Lim
  • Yoshiki Vázquez Baeza
  • Young Joong Kim
  • Younggun Kim
  • Yuval Langer
  • alex argunov
  • behzad nouri
  • boombard
  • ian-pantano
  • chromy
  • daniel
  • dgram0
  • gfyoung
  • hack-c
  • hcontrast
  • jfoo
  • kaustuv deolal
  • llllllllll
  • ranarag
  • rockg
  • scls19fr
  • seales
  • sinhrks
  • srib
  • surveymedia.ca
  • tworec

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