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[SciPy-User] ANN: pvlib-0.8.0 python package for solar energy modeling

Dr. Mark Alexander Mikofski PhD
Dear Pythonistas and Solar Energy enthusiasts,

I am very happy to announce a new, major release of pvlib python, for simulating the performance of photovoltaic solar energy systems.

See what's new for v0.8.0:

Releases are available from the CheeseShop and the conda-forge channel:

Read the Documentation:

Report issues & contribute:

* Because this is a major release, there are many breaking changes so please read through the release notes carefully before updating
* Python-3.5 is no longer supported, SciPy-1.2.0 is now a required dependency, and the Pandas minimum version is now v0.22.0
* New functions for calculation of sky-diffuse irradiance, fitting PV module IV-curve traces to single-diode model coefficients, and accommodating terrain slope when backtracking.
* Many new contributors, bug fixes, and improvements in the documentation.
* Also coming soon, AirSpeed Velocity benchmarks. Stay tuned!

The development team thanks you for using pvlib python!

Mark Mikofski, PhD (2005)
Fiat Lux

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