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[SciPy-User] EuroSciPy 2018 - call for abstracts

Pierre de Buyl-2
EuroSciPy 2018 https://www.euroscipy.org/2018/ has opened its call for abstracts
for talks, posters, and tutorials! It was announced via twitter and our
"announcement" mailing list but I did not reach out to the NumPy/SciPy lists
yet, so I'll just mention:

1. The conference is in Trento (IT), 28 Aug. - 1 Sep.

2. The deadline for the call is the 13 May

3. Tutorials are included in the call, if you wish to have an idea of what we
are looking for, see https://scipy2017.scipy.org/ehome/220975/493418/ (SciPy US
2017) or https://www.euroscipy.org/2017/program.html (EuroSciPy 2017).


Pierre de Buyl

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