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[SciPy-User] Fwd: Discrete Fourier transforms (scipy.fftpack)- radially averaged power spectrum(RAPS)

Eyal Saiet
The scipy.fftpack is quite a comprehensive toolset. Nonetheless, I am scratching my head why I cannot find a radially averaged power spectrum(RAPS) tool in scipy.fftpack which seems a natural complementary tool for an FFT toolset.  Do people just write the function for themselves? Or is it somewhere else already?

* The radially averaged power spectrum(RAPS) is s the direction-independent mean spectrum, i.e. the average of all possible directional power spectra. The radially averaged power spectrum provides a convenient means to view and compare information contained in 2-D spectra in 1-D. This function computes and plots the RAPS of an input matrix (does not consider corner values outside averaging radius). The image can be rectangular but must be 2-D (e.g., multi-color channel data is not supported). The spatial resolution of the data is also specified (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/23636-radially-averaged-power-spectrum-of-2d-real-valued-matrix )

*This tool was in Astropy 2.7 but I cannot find it Astropy 3.1....



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