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[SciPy-User] Numpy 1.11.1 release

Charles R Harris
Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Numpy 1.11.1. This release supports Python 2.6 - 2.7, and 3.2 - 3.5 and fixes bugs and regressions found in Numpy 1.11.0 as well as making several build related improvements.  Wheels for Linux, Windows, and OSX can be found on PyPI. Sources are available on both PyPI and Sourceforge.

Thanks to all who were involved in this release, and a special thanks to Matthew Brett for his work on the Linux and Windows wheel infrastructure.

The following pull requests have been merged:

  • 7506 BUG: Make sure numpy imports on python 2.6 when nose is unavailable.
  • 7530 BUG: Floating exception with invalid axis in np.lexsort.
  • 7535 BUG: Extend glibc complex trig functions blacklist to glibc < 2.18.
  • 7551 BUG: Allow graceful recovery for no compiler.
  • 7558 BUG: Constant padding expected wrong type in constant_values.
  • 7578 BUG: Fix OverflowError in Python 3.x. in swig interface.
  • 7590 BLD: Fix configparser.InterpolationSyntaxError.
  • 7597 BUG: Make np.ma.take work on scalars.
  • 7608 BUG: linalg.norm(): Don't convert object arrays to float.
  • 7638 BLD: Correct C compiler customization in system_info.py.
  • 7654 BUG: ma.median of 1d array should return a scalar.
  • 7656 BLD: Remove hardcoded Intel compiler flag -xSSE4.2.
  • 7660 BUG: Temporary fix for str(mvoid) for object field types.
  • 7665 BUG: Fix incorrect printing of 1D masked arrays.
  • 7670 BUG: Correct initial index estimate in histogram.
  • 7671 BUG: Boolean assignment no GIL release when transfer needs API.
  • 7676 BUG: Fix handling of right edge of final histogram bin.
  • 7680 BUG: Fix np.clip bug NaN handling for Visual Studio 2015.
  • 7724 BUG: Fix segfaults in np.random.shuffle.
  • 7731 MAINT: Change mkl_info.dir_env_var from MKL to MKLROOT.
  • 7737 BUG: Fix issue on OS X with Python 3.x, npymath.ini not installed.

The following developers contributed to this release, developers marked with a '+' are first time contributors.

  • Allan Haldane
  • Amit Aronovitch+
  • Andrei Kucharavy+
  • Charles Harris
  • Eric Wieser+
  • Evgeni Burovski
  • Loïc Estève+
  • Mathieu Lamarre+
  • Matthew Brett
  • Matthias Geier
  • Nathaniel J. Smith
  • Nikola Forró+
  • Ralf Gommers
  • Ray Donnelly+
  • Robert Kern
  • Sebastian Berg
  • Simon Conseil
  • Simon Gibbons
  • Sorin Sbarnea+

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