[SciPy-User] PyRSB: Python interface to librsb sparse matrices library

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[SciPy-User] PyRSB: Python interface to librsb sparse matrices library

Michele Martone

 I'm the author of the high performance multithreaded sparse matrix
library `librsb' (mostly C, LGPLv3): http://librsb.sourceforge.net/

 I'm *not* a user of SciPy/NumPy/Python, but using Cython I have
written a proof-of-concept interface to librsb, named `PyRSB':

 PyRSB is in a prototypal state; e.g. still lacks good error handling.
 Its interface is trivial, as it mimicks that of SciPy's 'csr_matrix'.
 Advantages over csr_matrix are in fast multithreaded multiplication
of huge sparse matrices.
 Intended application area is iterative solution of linear systems;
particularly fast if with symmetric matrices and many rhs.

With this email I am looking for prospective:
 - users/testers
 - developers (any interest to collaborate/adopt/include the project?)

Looking forward for your feedback,

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