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Andrew Nelson

A paper about SciPy 1.0 is in preparation. We appreciate all contributions made to SciPy, and we want to credit in the paper everyone who has made a substantial contribution.

The definition of 'substantial' is "one new feature, significant improvement (e.g. performance or accuracy) to an existing feature, or multiple smaller contributions". We have tried to contact those with GitHub accounts (via the associated email address) who have made at least one commit, issue, pull request, review, or comment at the SciPy main repository prior to the release of SciPy 1.0. However, we realise that this may not have reached contributors whose associated GitHub email address is no longer reachable. If you believe that you have made substantial contributions to the project we ask that you fill out the following (short) form by Friday, June 28, if you wish to be considered for inclusion on the author list.

SciPy 1.0 Paper Author Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScApdlW3PvJBhdXvSzzpJ54oAxUnZTNqD8tYpxZVv4G0jkQHQ/viewform)

By submitting the form, you will certify that you have reviewed and agree to the submission of the manuscript (https://github.com/scipy/scipy-articles/blob/master/scipy-1.0/paper.pdf), and that if selected as an author you will read the final version and take appropriate action if you disagree with any content.

The coordination committee has determined that the author order will be 'The SciPy Developers' as first author; maintainers, paper writers, and other key contributors in order of contribution level; and all other authors in alphabetical order. The Author Contributions Statement at the end of the paper will document how the author order was determined. Final decisions about author order will be made by the paper coordination committee with a deciding vote, if needed, provided by the Chair of the SciPy Steering Council, Ralf Gommers.

Once authorship decisions are made, those who submitted the form linked above will receive an email with their status and a link to a final version of the paper, which we intend to submit to Scientific Reports.

Please post an issue on the scipy-articles GitHub repository (https://github.com/scipy/scipy-articles) if you have any questions or comments so that a member of the coordination committee can respond. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to SciPy!

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