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Egor Panfilov
Hello list,

On behalf of `scikit-image` team I'm happy to announce the release of `scikit-image` version 0.14.0 !
This release brings a lot of exciting additions (such as new segmentation tools and algorithms, new datasets and data generating routines), various enhancements (nD support for image moments and regionprops, rescale, resize and pyramid_* function, multichannel support for HOG, multiple performance improvements, and many more) and a number of bugfixes to the code and to the documentation.
I am also pleased to inform you that 0.14.x is the last major release with official support for Python 2.7. In order to make the transition to Python 3.x smooth for all the users we're making this release a long-term support one (it will receive important bugfixes and backports for approx. 2 years, following the Python 2.7 end-of-life cycle).

For more details on the changes and additions, please, refer to the release notes [1].

I'd like to thank all the developers of the library for their hard work, and all the users for staying with us!

Egor Panfilov,
scikit-image core team

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