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[SciPy-User] inverse filter design, remez?

R Schumacher
We have sets of ADC data collected with different front-end filters at acquisition; given an empirically determined roll off in dB/octave or dB/Hz, I'd like to perform equalization (in this case the low frequencies) and I know from sweeps that roll off begins under ~200Hz and -3dB is ~15Hz.

One general example is Bank's algorithm:
where people correct sound for their room acoustics.
There is also the Nelson-Kirkeby inverse filter methodology.

Our specific case is flattening the response due to a single-pole RC high-pass filter so I think remez() might be just fine; can anyone here supply links or examples in scipy to this application of remez()?
I'm guessing
range(.625, 512, .625),
desired= <inverse of measured gain, range(.625, 256, .625)>,
weight=<unsure of this...>,
type=<unsure, what to use for high-pass?>,

- Ray
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