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David Mikolas
I have a situation where scipy.optimize.minimize returns the initial starting value as the answer without really iterating, and returns "successful" status, using default method.

It works fine if I specify Nelder-Mead, but my question is "why does minimize return successful when it isn's, and what can I do (if anything) to flag this behavior?

The question is also here http://stackoverflow.com/q/36110998  and if someone can also leave an answer there as well, that would be great! but not necessary.

One particular - I'm using calls to Skyfield, which may or may not have something to do with it.   (http://rhodesmill.org/skyfield/)

   status: 0
  success: True
     njev: 1
     nfev: 3
 hess_inv: array([[1]])
      fun: 1694.98753895812
        x: array([ 10000.])
  message: 'Optimization terminated successfully.'
      jac: array([ 0.])
      nit: 0

FULL OUTPUT using Nelder-Mead METHOD:
  status: 0
    nfev: 63
 success: True
     fun: 3.2179306044608054
       x: array([ 13053.81011963])
 message: 'Optimization terminated successfully.'
     nit: 28

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