[SciPy-User] notebook crash with fmin_lbfgsb

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[SciPy-User] notebook crash with fmin_lbfgsb

Just a general question:

Has anybody experience ipython notebook crashes with fmin_lbfgsb?

Is it just my setup or is this more general?
When I ran an estimation that uses fmin_lbfgsb for the optimization, then the notebook kernel shuts down and restarts.

(Windows 8.1, winpython 3.4, previous release of ipython, I think)

2015-06-27 09:39:42.956 [NotebookApp] Saving notebook at /Untitled0.ipynb

           * * *

Machine precision = 2.220D-16
 N =            5     M =           12
forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 8, file M:\josef_new\eclipse_w
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source

libifcoremd.dll    0000000009154E2C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
_lbfgsb.pyd        00007FFC31529C01  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
_lbfgsb.pyd        00007FFC31524AD3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
_lbfgsb.pyd        00007FFC3152465C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
_lbfgsb.pyd        00007FFC315224BF  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
python34.dll       0000000073C28771  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
python34.dll       0000000073CE4074  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
python34.dll       0000000073BCD4D3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
python.exe         000000001C1911AE  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
KERNEL32.DLL       00007FFC56E313D2  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
ntdll.dll          00007FFC59335444  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
2015-06-27 09:40:04.227 [NotebookApp] KernelRestarter: restarting kernel (1/5)
WARNING:root:kernel a46450ce-69fe-4034-9869-4f1f3c543390 restarted

AFAIR, I didn't have problems with spyder
AFAIR, setting iprint=0 avoided the crash in the previous example, but doens't seem to fix it in my current example.

I switched to bfgs, which works well in my example

(aside: example is statsmodels ARIMA which uses fmin_lbfgsb by default)


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